Rationale’s top reads of 2022

2022 – the first full year for Rationale as an online magazine – was one of growth, with our articles reaching almost 40,000 readers across Australia and the world.

So which articles have our readers enjoyed the most? Here are the top 10 articles, in terms of readership, for 2022.

1. Why God has no place in public schools, by Jane Caro

On June 10, Jane Caro argued that public schools should be secular and guarded against the intrusion of religious interests. The article led to a response in the ABC from Christian apologetic John Dickson.

2. ‘Infiltrate, Impact, Impel’: Raising up Christians for the Liberal Party, by Si Gladman

On 29 October, Si Gladman wrote about alleged efforts of church groups to infiltrate the Victorian Liberal Party.

3. Raised in her father’s church, by Si Gladman 

On 8 November, Si Gladman wrote about a Liberal Party candidate’s family church and its alleged links with dominionism and gay conversion practices.

4. Why does Stan Grant’s opinion about religion pass as ‘analysis’ on the ABC? by Hugh Harris

On 19 February, Hugh Harris questioned why the ABC continued to brand Stan Grant’s opinion pieces on religion as ‘analysis’.

5. Liberal Party: Following the Christian right into electoral wilderness, by Si Gladman 

On 24 May, in the wake of the federal election, Si Gladman argued that the rise of the religious right in the Liberal Party was damaging the party’s electoral appeal.

6. Why I won’t be celebrating Australia Day on 26 January, by Ian Robinson

On 20 January, Ian Robinson made the case for changing the national holiday to something more meaningful and reflective of Australia’s diversity and Indigenous peoples.

7. Religious chaplaincy is failing the Defence Force, by Phillip Hoglin

On 25 April, former Army Colonel and Defence statistician Phillip Hoglin wrote about the sharp decline of religious affiliation in the Australian Defence Force and the need for the institution to transition from religious-based chaplaincy to a secular needs-based model of wellbeing support.

8. The committee of clerics lording it over Defence, by Si Gladman 

On 16 November, in the first article in a series on religion in the Australian Defence Force, Si Gladman wrote about the power and influence of a taxpayer-funded committee of religious clerics over the Australian Defence Force.

9. Affirming same-sex marriage in the Anglican Church, by Matthew Anstey

On 23 May, Anglican priest Reverend Matthew Anstey wrote on the campaign within the church to broaden the Anglican view on marriage.

10. Proselytising through military doctrine, by Phillip Hoglin

On 13 September, former Army Colonel and Defence statistician Phillip Hoglin revealed that Christian concepts remained embedded in official Army warfighting doctrine, including on the human concept of ‘character’.

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