Rationale’s top reads of 2023

As we set out on a new year for the Rationale magazine, it’s worth taking a look back at the past year to see what articles resonated most with our readers. 

Here are the top reads for 2023:

The moral case for the Indigenous Voice

In September, Russell Yardley and Ian Robinson argued the case in favour of the Voice referendum and the urgent need for Indigenous Australians to be heard in the political landscape.

Why the Army’s choice to serve God comes at a cost to the nation

In August, Colonel Phillip Hoglin wrote about how the ongoing dominance of Australian Army ceremonies and traditions by Christianity risked ostracising and isolating large sectors of the community.

The Voice: Analysing the official No case

In July, Ian Robinson analysed the arguments of the No case, as outlined in the official pamphlet for the Voice referendum campaign.

Thinking clearly about the Gaza problem

In October, Paul Monk wrote on the need to respond to the outbreak of conflict between Hamas and Israel with calmness and clear thinking.

Rationalists and circumcision

In April, Meredith Doig, president of the Rationalist Society of Australia, responded to feedback she received to her earlier commentary about the harmful and morally unacceptable practice of male circumcision.

George Brandis and the Christian persecution complex

In January, Hugh Harris wrote about former Attorney-General George Brandis’ Christian persecution complex.

Greg Sheridan’s uncritical supernaturalism 

In April, Paul Monk wrote about Greg Sheridan’s supernatural beliefs as espoused in a recent column on Christianity in The Australian newspaper.

In the face of extremism, liberals must snap out of their complacency

In April, Jonathan Meddings argued for the need to counter the threat of neo-Nazis in Australia.

‘Holding the line’ on Religious Instruction for the Christian Right

In April, secular public education advocate Alison Courtice wrote on how Queensland’s education minister Grace Grace faced a decision of either listening to her Labor colleagues and their call to remove Religious Instruction from school hours, or listening to the Christian Right.

Are we exaggerating the extent of antisemitism?

In November, Michael Liffman questioned the claims that the escalation of strident pro-Palestinian support was evidence of a rebirth of antisemitism.

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