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Conference shows what secularists are for, not against

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Dear Editor,

I am writing having been stimulated to do so by Lucy Hamilton’s summary in Pearls & Irritations of the Secularism Australia Conference. While I agree with the thrust of her words, I came away from this really terrific event, so rich in ideas, with a firmer platform of what secularists are for rather than so much of what (or who) we are against.

I came away reassured that, as a secularist, I am for equity, inclusivity, and non-sectarianism in all areas of public policy, especially in public education and public governance of all types and at all levels.

We often hear that Australia is one of the most successful modern multicultural nations in the world. But, while our society continues to privilege the Judeo-Christian religions, we are not addressing the sheer variety of beliefs and non-beliefs within the land.

I wonder if, at the next Secularism Australia Conference (and I surely hope there will be one), we might issue a communiqué from the conference to the media and other important ministers, state and federal.

This conference had such a powerful and compelling story to tell. I was surprised that the conference did not garner more media interest (outside of the premature speculations of Janet Albrechtsen) given the simply fabulous line-up of speakers and the incredible material they pres...

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