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It takes courage to take on trans issue

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Dear Editor, 

Interesting to read Meredith Doig’s take on men becoming women (or being accepted as having done so) as a feminist issue (RSA Daily, 11 April, 2024).

I can see how allowing men to occupy spaces that women have been able to win – both physical, as in safe spaces and shelters, and institutional, as in sport and politics – is a feminist issue, and I can imagine how such encroachment by men would be alarming and indeed threatening. 

I don’t think that because Meredith happens to land on the same side of the argument as those from the Right automatically makes her part of team “conservative backlash”. I “identify” as a leftie but I also reject the Orwellian restructuring of language that we are seeing.

My take is that it’s a science issue. Sex is fundamentally binary (the ability or potential to produce large or small gametes). Denying it is to deny reality.

My feeling is: if a man identifies as a woman, and wants to be referred to as “she”, it’s only polite to do so. I shouldn’t also be forced to accept that the said individual is literally female. They’re not. They’re a man experiencing dysmorphia. 

Great to see Meredith having the courage to engage with this issue. It makes her a target, but she clearly isn't intimidated. 


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