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Nudging us into a nuclear industry

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Dear Editor,

I was concerned about Dave Collins’ article, ‘The case for going nuclear’, published on 16 May 2023.

I worry that pro-nuclear lobbyists are trying to nudge us into a nuclear industry. It started with the deal for Australia accepting and building nuclear-powered submarines. I fear that scheme is also aimed at softening us up to accept storage of high-grade nuclear waste, and then a nuclear power industry, not to mention more uranium mining.

One has to ask, ‘Whose interests are being served?’

There is already a plan to store Australian medium-level nuclear waste in Kimba, South Australia, against the wishes of the local Barngarla traditional owners and some local farmers.

The AUKUS submarine deal with the US and the UK has, it seems, been manipulated by the infiltration of the previous Prime Minister’s government by nuclear powered submarine interests in the form of Crosby/Textor.

With nuclear power, there is always the risk of a nuclear accident and the inestimable environmental damage that involves – think Chernobyl and Fukushima.

With any nuclear energy facilities, there is also risk of proliferation of nuclear armaments production, legal and illegal.

In addition, I believe Collins’ article contains many untruths. For example, he writes that: “In regard to waste, many substances invo...

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