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MBJ’s cartoons make a mark in world of politics

Matt Bissett-Johnson, cartoonist for Rationale, has received national recognition, with three of his Rationale works featured in the new book Best Australian Political Cartoons 2022, published last month.

The Melbourne-based cartoonist, known as ‘MBJ’, said he was “chuffed” to have his work again included in the book, having had one or two pieces featured almost every year since 2012.

The cartoons featured in the 2022 version include: one on the theme of the media’s targeting of Anthony Albanese with ‘gotcha’ questions, published in Rationale during the federal election in May; one featuring Daleks talking about discrimination, published during the debate over the Religious Discrimination Bill in late January; and one on the theme of COVID graves, published in February.  

“I’m very happy. It's a great book, and I'm very chuffed to have some favourite cartoons of mine included in such a fascinating collection,” he said.

“Of these three cartoons, my favourite is the one about Albo ‘gotcha’ questions. It's a funny gag, I reckon, and gets to the point. 

“The book shines a spotlight on all the great cartoonists in this country, and we should celebrate the artform that is often the first thing under threat in many publications.”

Bissett-Johnson has loved drawing since he was young, describing himself as “the one who could draw” in primary school.

“I got a lot of encouragement from my late mother, who was a fine artist, painter and printmaker.”

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