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The American scream

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Dear Editor,

I am thankful beyond words to have chosen Australia rather than the sick, dysfunctional society that is the United States of America – which I do not even have any desire to visit.

I fear that the civil unrest and rioting seen in recent years over Black Lives Matter and various other issues will pale into insignificance compared with what I foresee could lie ahead in response to the unconscionable reversal of Roe v Wade.

In America, a handful of middle-aged, probably Christian, white men believe they have the right to control what women are allowed to do with their bodies. It seems they feel entitled to impose their ‘club rules’ on people who neither are, nor wish to be, members of their ‘club’.

In America, the rights of people to own military-grade assault weapons far exceed the rights of children to return safely home from school. After each and every horrific event, police chiefs and mayors and governors, and even the President, seem to believe that their thoughts and prayers are all that’s needed.

How is it possible that in a developed Western nation approximately 50 per cent of the population can idolise a yellow-haired, lying, sexist, misogynistic moron?

Jeff Lerner

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